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Real Life Stories Can a matchmaking site help you meet friends? Then she rated the dates. A few years ago, I was unceremoniously dumped by my best friend.

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Bain Chatter Do you get bored while waiting for the thermal drill to finish but are too comfortable to wear that clunky armor and do it loud? Did you ever wish you could hear more of Bain Honestly, who doesn’t? Then this mod will be perfect for you. While waiting around for that damn drill to finish or while shooting cops – I’m not judging , you can now ask questions to Bain via chat.

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Neighbourhood Not known Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a dating sim in which the players plays as a matchmaker employed by Kitty Powers, the drag queen personality of British game developer Richard Franke, who has to expand a tiny little dating agency into a large one by way of creating many successful dates. This is done by matching a client, either male or female, to one of many date options, with clients seeking opposite-sex, same-sex, or either-sex dates. The success of their date is determined by the player’s attention to minor personality details as well as performance in mini-games which occur during the dates.

As the player progresses, the date game-play slowly moves from simple to complex, eventually needing for the player to remember dozens of minute details as well as mastery of nearly a dozen different mini-games which occur during the dates.

Fun game, Ma’am. Thanks for posting. Amazing how these little pastimes can be so satisfying to complete. Took me several minutes though! !

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch. Matchmaker, matchmaker, look through your book And make me a perfect match. Matchmaker, matchmaker, I’ll bring the veil.

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