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After divorcing Actress Missy Peregrym, actor Zachary Levi is possibly single. The couple was Married for only a few years. He is reportedly rumored to be Dating Yvonne Strahovski but the Rumors have not been confirmed yet. He has an amazing professional career and huge net worth.

Levi, who was recently reported to have split up from his wife of 10 months, is finally back out and about in New York City. Not only that, Levi is also going to be in the upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ series which premieres this fall. Just recently, Levi was spotted out in the big apple walking with his pair of khaki pants, his buttoned down blue shirt and a pair of the classic Converse sneakers apparently on his way to the Radio Music Hall to promote the upcoming NBC series.

Levi’s wife is Missy Peregrym and the two, who were married for 10 months split. But basing from Levi’s recent outing, it seems like he is okay and is ready to get back to work. The excited actor recently released a statement about how happy he is in getting the gig for the show’s sequel. Reborn, I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring more of that world to life, and excited to help in offering the fans of the franchise an epic new installation of a series that made such a huge impact on entertainment,” he said of the upcoming sequel.

There are only a few details about the show but there have been several photos released online showing some cast, both new and old who will be joining the episode series. Of course, Levi will be in the show and he will be playing Luke Collins. His character may be in a sort of angry mode since the photo released of him was him pointing a gun at someone. Other characters include Kiki Sukezane, as Miko Otomo with her seen holding a katana in a photo.

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Not just in the sense that the series was a one-of-a-kind comedy that defined a generation, but also in that there will literally never be another Friends—as in, there will be no money-grabbing, nostalgia-drunk reboot. Cougar Town Seasons on Hulu: The most successful—or at least longest-lived—post-Friends solo project was also the most Friends-like.

Chuck‘s Zachary Levi and Rookie Blue actress Missy Peregrym are separating after less than a year of marriage, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE.. Peregrym, 32, filed the divorce papers.

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Lately, he is dating Yvonne Strahovski , however, prior to Yvonne, he was married to Missy Peregrym , unfortunately, the couple got a divorce. His personal life seems interesting. They shocked all their fans by getting secretly married. Missy Peregrym pretty cozy with actor Zachary Levi Source:

Caption: Missy Peregrym announced the news of her wedding with Zachery Levi through Twitter on June 10, The couple’s wedding commenced on at Maui. The pair looked euphoric and stunning on the dress which designed by the longtime stylish Warren Alfie Baker.

The website reports that the Rookie Blue actress filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court last week, just 10 months after their secret wedding. Missy listed the date of her separation from the Thor star as December 3 – less than six months into the marriage. Scroll down for video Calling it quits: Missy Peregrym has filed for divorce from Zachary Levi after less than a year of marriage.

They are pictured here in September, three months before separating TMZ claims that Missy states in the divorce papers that the pair do not have any property together and neither party is requesting spousal support. The couple surprised everyone when they announced in June that they had tied the knot in Maui, Hawaii, because it wasn’t even known that they were dating.

The pair were an item several years ago but did not announce they had rekindled their romance until after their wedding day. Keeping their split under wraps: The Thor star talked about his marriage at an event last month, although Missy states in the divorce papers that they separated in December ‘Married in Maui’: It was not even known that the two actors were dating when they announced in June that they were husband and wife Zachary hinted at the struggles in their marriage at an event just one month ago, telling People:

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His parents were lawyers and also ran a restaurant. Clara’s Heart earned Harris a Golden Globe nomination. The same year, he starred in Purple People Eater , a children’s fantasy.

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym are divorcing after less than a year of marriage, TMZ reports. The website reports that the Rookie Blue actress filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court last.

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Apr 25,  · His real name is Zachary Levi Pugh. He took his middle name as his stage name and is no relation to the Levi fortune. Missy Peregrym is a Candadian, the daughter of a minister and housewife.

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(14 June – ) (divorced) Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym revealed they were married via a photo of both wearing Mr and Mrs hoodies. Funny especially since there was never any clear indication they were actually dating.

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He is best known for playing Chuck Bartowski in the series Chuck. He also appeared in the films Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Tangled, and Thor: The production began previews at Studio 54 on February 19, and opened on March 17 for a limited engagement through June The run was later extended through July 10, where it then closed.

Levi was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance. He later reprised the role in the short film Tangled Ever After, and will return to voice Flynn Rider again in a Disney Channel television series based on the film in

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Their wedding was a complete surprise as people only got to know about the situation after the couple posted an all-happy picture in a tweet. The picture tweet of Missy also has caption with it which states: Many famous website and discussion pages suggest that the couple started dating each other in , and they had a breakup in the year

He is best known for playing Chuck Bartowski in the series Chuck. He also appeared in the films Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel , Tangled , and Thor: The production began previews at Studio 54 on February 19, and opened on March 17 for a limited engagement through June He chose his middle name as his stage name because his agent told him that “a guy named Zach Pugh would not be going far in Hollywood”.

Confessions of a Campus Bookie. The Squeakquel in the lead role as Dave’s cousin Toby Seville.

Missy Peregrym and Zachary Levi Marry in Secret Wedding