Prodigy dead: Tributes pour in for Mobb Deep rapper from stars he inspired

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RIP Fredo Santana

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing I wear red lipstick x interview your favorite artists. Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records at the age of nine, in The landmark multi-million dollar deal she brokered granted Cash Money, among other things, rights to its masters; an unheard-of 80 percent of the wholesale price of their albums, with Universal forking over advances on top of that; and the autonomy to leverage Universal or its own external marketing, radio and support functions.

Regardless of her work, Day says that neither she nor her attorney were compensated at the time. The rapper signed to Cash Money in and delivered nine studio albums, as both a solo artist and as part of the successful Hot Boys collective with Wayne, and says he has yet to receive residuals for his work. He has since followed up with a legal summons that compels Cash Money to respond within 21 days.

Lil Wayne finally dropped his album The Carter V, and his fans lost their minds with excitement, as they have been waiting for it for quite a while. Reginae Carter is featured on the album as well, and her mom Toya Wright couldn’t be prouder.

During the s, hip hop icons wore clothing items such as brightly colored name-brand tracksuits , sheepskin and leather bomber jackets , [1] Clarks shoes, [1] Britishers a. Another trend in hip hop clothing was pioneered by Dapper Dan in the early s with the adaptation and brandishing of high-net-worth fashion house brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Gucci and logos in custom-designed tracksuits, jackets, and mink coats. Popular accessories included large eyeglasses Cazals [2] , [1] Kangol bucket hats , [1] nameplates, [1] name belts, [1] and multiple rings.

Heavy gold jewelry was also popular in the s; heavy jewelry in general would become an enduring element of hip hop fashion. The heavy jewelry was suggestive of prestige and wealth, and some have connected the style to Africanism. MC Schoolly D , for instance, claimed that wearing gold “is not something that was born and raised in America.

Lil Wayne Says He Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife, She Responds Via Twitter

Share shares ‘We can confirm that he did experience two minor seizures yesterday. Under the guidance of his own doctors, he is now in stable condition and good spirits,’ his rep said. The year-old, who has epilepsy, smoked while he performed in Milwaukee on Sunday, one day before his private jet was forced to make two emergency landings after he had two seizures ‘Stable’: The rapper clutched a large double cup as he celebrated his birthday in Miami Beach in September The first time Wayne’s private jet landed in Omaha, he was treated by paramedics, but then refused medical treatment, according to TMZ.

He then got back on the plane and the pilot took off. But it was reported that he then again suffered another seizure after about two minutes in the air, and the pilot had to again make another emergency landing at the same airport.

Lil Wayne Settlement Update: A portion of the information released today is true, a settlement has been reached, but the dollar amount being disclosed is false! Lil Wayne’s PR team will send out a statement shortly with accurate updates.

Looks good, but a bad idea for almost everyone. That would be worth much more, long term, than what Ball is offering to pay these kids. Sure, I understand why the idea is attractive on the surface. Just ask all those geniuses on Twitter: College ballplayers already get fake educations , so dispense with the sham off the rip. One-and-done players such as Ben Simmons or Derrick Rose are only there for a few months, so give them a paying alternative.

The NCAA and colleges are making billions off these kids, so why not fight the power, support a black-owned business and let players get that paper? This is short-term thinking. And it succumbs to the problems of NCAA sports rather than confronting them. Those dozen players will be fine. But a league for high school graduates would discourage education for thousands of other kids.

Toya Wright Talks New Book, K. Michelle, Marriage & Lil Wayne

Tuesday 20 June Soon after his death was confirmed, some of the biggest names in rap expressed their grief in tributes to the fallen artist. While his cause of death was not immediately clear, Prodigy – whose real name is Albert Johnson – suffered from sickle cell anaemia throughout his life. That condition is a condition that affects red blood cells, which contort into a sickle shape and die early. That early mortality for the cells results in a shortage of red blood cells, which can lead to blocked blood flow.

Tammy Torres Talks Sex With Drake & Lil Wayne Now that the publication date is drawing near, we guess we’ll finally find out if Wayne is “lil” in all departments.

Louis was canceled Wednesday night after someone allegedly threatened to begin firing at the venue if he went through with the show. Sources close to the year-old told TMZ that the venue and promoters saw a video in which someone threatened to shoot at the venue. Promoters saw it a couple of days before the show was scheduled, but waited until the day of the event to pull the plug, the site reports. Ultimately, they decided it was too risky and the show did not go on. Louis police told TMZ they were not made aware of the video, and the venue has not issued a comment.

Louis Post-Dispatch previously reported that Lil Xan’s show at The Pageant disappeared from the venue’s website the day of the show. Ticketmaster also listed the show as cancelled, but no other statement was made. He was arguing with a customer after ordering Taco Bell at the food court. Late last month, Lil Xan was reportedly hospitalized after eating “too many hot Cheetos. He waited until he got home to finally explain what happened.

The two made a PDA-filled appearance at several awards shows and events, but after they broke up, he reportedly claimed the relationship was designed by their record label.

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Does He Like Me? The only contact has really been him indirectly talking to me. There are other things along those lines as well. Does he like me or am I overreacting? At the heart of all of these games and guesses is doubt.

via Lil Wayne No bullshit, no rumors, no fake releases, no frauds saying they having a copy, at long last, Lil Wayne ’s Tha Carter V is out. It had been delayed so long because of the lengthy lawsuit with Cash Money, it had entered hip-hop lore of long-lost albums like Detox, .

But when your dedication and talent out weighs the requirement of fame, there is no looking behind. If you follow his music and are willing to know things related to his personal life; voila, you’ve hit at the right place! The rapper, who has been giving hits back to back, wasn’t born with the name you guys call him with. Gazzy Garcia is Pump’s real name and the star in the making is just 17 years of age.

Yes, you heard that right! Pump was born on August 17, , in Maimi Florida. You might want to thank this lad, Smokepurpp; if it wasn’t for his encouragement, who knows, you might not have been able to listen to Pumps’ bars. He began teaming up with Smokepurpp in the year , and he released his online tracks; the reckless style was his trademark. The response his tracks got showered with was overwhelming, as it achieved millions of plays in a short time frame.

However taking about things apart from his music, Pump hasn’t opened up about his personal life much.

Lil Wayne Rushed To Hospital

Weezy was at the pinnacle of Hip Hop then and the question I have is can he bring the attention back to that level?. My objective with this post is to shine some light on Weezy, look at where we are now and what I think we need. This is most visible with the likes of Lil Uzi and Young Thug, with their use of autotune and subject matter.

The year-old singer is reportedly dating Lil Wayne, entering into a new romance just one month after she ended her engagement to Jas Prince, according to Us Weekly. Milian and Wayne were.

She and Lil Wayne began dating around and were engaged in They only dated briefly in She is also alleged to have hooked up with Drake while Wayne was in prison. She is also well known for threatening to tell which one of the two rap stars was better in bed- she definitely believes one is better than the other. Apparently part of this story may be to keep Wayne from saying anything about her in his tell-all book he was working on. They later got engaged in , married in and then split up in when she reportedly could no longer deal with his lifestyle.

They remained on good terms afterward, and they both were featured on the show My Super Sweet 16 when their daughter “Nae” was starring on an episode. She is also famous for being the “runner up” on the show Flavor of Love. They dated back in around the time Wayne was released from jail.

Who Is Drake Dating? The Complete Girlfriend List 2017

Lil Wayne out of jail: Wayne, 28, was released from Rikers Island on Thursday morning after serving eight months on a gun possession charge. Cita, his mama, with us. We let him embrace mama first,” Birdman told a Los Angeles radio show.

R&b Star Christina Milian and rapper Lil Wayne have reportedly split after a year of dating. Listen to songs of Lil Wayne on The Dip It Low hitmaker had been linked to the rapper since.

Lil Wayne net worth: Whether you call him Lil Wayne, Mr. Carter or Weezy F. Baby, the New Orleans born rapper has reached stardom in ways other musician’s only aspire to Growing up in the 17th ward of New Orleans, Wayne started his career at only years-old with Cash Money Records rap group Hot Boys and soon debuted his solo album The Block is Hot, which went double platinum and reached 3 on the Billboard charts. Despite seemingly continuous controversy Wayne’s success hasn’t faltered.

His fourth and fifth studio albums Tha Carter and Tha Carter II featured a more thorough sense of self, evident in his lyrical style. Following the drop of his sixth studio album Tha Carter III in he was nominated for eight Grammy’s, the most for any artist that year taking home four awards. Wayne’s documentary, Tha Carter, was featured at the Sundance film festival in Keri Hilson and T-Pain.

Some call him the best rapper to ever live others say he’s self-destructive but whatever you believe Lil Wayne has become a staple in American music and will remain there, indefinitely. Lil Wayne Earnings By Year:

Inside the Messy Divorce of Lil Wayne & Cash Money Records

Check some of the excerpts from the interview below. Do not believe the hype. Her thoughts on reality television: This generation is so disrespectful and reckless. I do normal stuff:

Watching the rapidly unfolding decline of Lil Wayne has been as inevitable as it is tragic. Given the legendary rapper’s unparalleled rate of output, particularly during the ’s when the self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive unleashed an endless stream of influential albums, mixtapes and collaborations that revolutionised the genre, a creative slump was always to be expected.

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